Bosch 15 Amp Corded 2.3 HP Electronic Variable-Speed 3-1/2 in. Plunge-Base Router with LED Light


The MR23EVS series routers have 36 enhancements over the previous model. Trigger control trigger on-off switches are located in handles on plunge base and fixed base. Led lighting whenever motor is plugged in. 2.3 HP rating, 15 Amp rating, constant electronics with tachometer-feedback, speed control is front and center, offset cord location, cord swivel, enhanced shaft design, soft grip on motor top, fully-integrated cosmetic design. Plunge base enhancements: after lock micro fine depth control, new internal plunge guidance system, long 3 in. Plunge range, ergonomic handles, round rod knob, square depth rod, depth rod clasp, new turret step system, hardened chromium-plated posts bellows, beefed-up base plate and post bosses, beefed-up bosses for attaching router guide. Fixed base enhancements: belt-type base clamp, bottom machining perfection, continuous 1-5/8 in. fine adjust range, M6 wing screws are used to attach router, ergonomic handles, soft grip, new snap-lock quick-clamp with special design, new motor catch, clear polycarbonate subcases, standard pro router 4 in. equilateral triangle sub base mounting holes, simplified precision centering design, cast-in M4 (metric size) mark by subcase holes. Case enhancements room for all attachments, plunge base cavity accommodates any plunge height, even with any after lock micro fine depth control position.

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